The AK Ghent arose somewhere in the early 80’s as a successor to the RAK (the Revolutionary Anarchist Collective) that was founded in 1977 at the Ghent University. Since then, it has continued its work at the university (and beyond) with ups and downs.
“As a student organization, we are affiliated with the political and philosophical convent within the University of Ghent, but our work is not limited to students and is open to anyone who can be found in the anarchist ideas. We focus as a group in daily practice on the collective struggle of people. We try to do this through direct action, discussions, info evenings, demonstrations, etc … Our goal is to put into practice the anarchist ideas with the aim of spreading them and achieving an anti-authoritarian society without oppression and exploitation.
The AK collective is organized in a non-hierarchical way. All decisions regarding the collective are taken at AK meetings where everyone has equal say. We aim at making decisions by reaching consensus and during the meetings we discuss action plans, ideas and the continued operation of the AK. As an Anarchist Collective, we want people involved to take action and to develop ideas for themselves as much as possible.
The AK is open to cooperation with other basic groups, to reach a common goal and to set up a healthy discussion. The end, however, doesn’t justify the means, so therefore we won’t cooperate with people or groups that are capitalist, sexist, racist or have other authoritarian ideas. Long live Anarchy! “

You can contact the anarchist collective @  anarchistischkollektief at riseup dot net


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